Risk Management

Are you putting $5 at risk to make a return of 50c? Is your portfolio better hedged with an insurance policy or perhaps it is naturally hedged? How are valuation adjustments tracked and tested for quality or locational differentials? Years of dealing with similar problems of trading desks has resulted in a set of pragmatic and low-cost approaches which are customized to each situation to improve processes. Consurgo brings to bear energy trading industry best practices to provide diagnostics on your risk controls.

  • Risk management audit
  • Business process analysis
  • Forward curve / structures analysis
  • Negative leverage / concentration risk analysis
  • Quantitative analysis
  • Operational risk analysis
  • Compliance risk analysis
  • Transfer pricing and APA (advance pricing agreements)
  • Trading / Hedging risk policy and controls

Project Management

Risk controls are often compromised due to ineffective implementation of capabilities. Consurgo has distilled years of learning from successful and failed projects to use a measured approach to project ROI. Armed with the most advanced technical solutions, detailed analytics and a highly talented team of strategists, planners and fulfillment experts, we’re here to get you substantive and tangible insights that significantly enhance your ability to make accurate and timely decisions and achieve greater business efficiency.

  • Capability roadmaps
  • System selection projects
  • System implementation projects
  • Bespoke solutions
  • Systems integration projects
  • ROI improvement projects
  • M&A due diligence and asset integration projects

Testing and Systems

Don’t you wish all risks in life were so clearly visible that you’d simply step aside and avoid them? How much time can your end-users spare to test any capability delivered? Consurgo takes the old fashioned approach of stepping through each process and building a detailed list of scenarios for testing. With real world experience brought to bear, the test cycles provided improve the odds of successful delivery of a capability and augment the time investment needed from end users.

  • Operational Scenario design and simulation
  • Disaster recovery testing
  • System integration testing
  • Systems training
  • Control queries and reports
  • Zero impact testing for system upgrades
  • Systems maintenance and support
  • Test plan documentation and continuous improvement

ETRM (Energy Trading Risk Management) / ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Services

Risk Control capabilities implemented using ETRM / ERP systems come at a huge cost. Did you bring them in at budget and on time? Do you shudder when you hear the word ‘reconciliations’? Are your documents updated for the business rule changes and new businesses since the implementation? How many check boxes on your RFP during system selection are truly being exploited? With the energetic and insightful team of experts at Consurgo on your side, you’ll never really have to gamble on ROI. We promote targeted interventions that can provide measured progress and rapid turnarounds to capability.

  • ETRM system usage diagnostics
  • ERP system usage diagnostics
  • ETRM/ERP integration
  • Master data management
  • Document Management
  • Business process documentation and training support
  • Reporting and business intelligence